Trading Contests
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Start 2019.11.15 00:00
End 2019.12.15 00:00

BitcoinInvest (BTV)

* Minimum buy volume will be 2500 BTV and minimum trade to qualify for prize is 5000 BTV both buy and sell
All doge prizes will be paid by the dev team on confirmation of identity.
Telegram: Discord:

The more you trade BTV, the higher are your chances to win the Contest.
Prize fund 12000 BTV + 1700 DOGE
#1 5000 BTV + 1000 DOGE
#2 3000 BTV + 500 DOGE
#3 2000 BTV + 200 DOGE
#4-#5 1000 BTV
# Name Trades Volume buys* sells*
Trading Contest Rules

1. Trading Contest period always starts at 00:00 UTC and closes at 00:00 UTC of start and close date respectively.
2. Final Trading Volume data is collected at 00:00 UTC. This snapshot time is used to build up the winners list.
3. Unacceptability of fake trade or wash trade
4. Prizes are credited to winners’ accounts.